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My art gallery...
Not much to say except I tried my very best on my art.
You're welcome to peruse all you want. ^^



I'm going on a hiatus. Don't know for how long.

In the meantime, I'm gonna clear my head, get a perspective on life, do the things I need to do in order to get into college, and work on art.

Logging off to prevent temptation.
So there is Albert Wesker x Chris Redfield artwork out there.
I am happy.
119 deviations
I currently considering whether or not to go on a hiatus.
I'm not a tough person. Before anyone starts thinking that, I would like to inform you that I'm not.

I'm stupid girl who cries over the stupidest of things--I haven't done so in while, but I almost did out of pure frustration when I had to recite a sonnet from memory and when I had misplaced my iPod yesterday and couldn't find it. (Found it before bed. It was beneath the corner of the couch cushion).

I'm a stupid girl who knows nothing--that's why I had to switch into Trig because I was too stupid to do Calculus and too stupid to pick it as my class in the first place.

I'm a stupid girl who talks and writes before she thinks. I'm a stupid girl who comes up with stupid ideas.

I'm a stupid girl who can't do anything. I'm stupid girl who can't finish anything.

I'm fat. I'm short. I'm a fucking weirdo. I wear glasses because I'm near-sighted.

When someone is mean to me, I can't stand up for myself.
When I'm accidentally rude or mean to someone, I try to apologize and hope they forgive me because I'm not a naturally mean or rude person.

I'm annoying and obnoxious and I'm not going to deny it. I do or say things that prove it.

I only have a few friends and I'm not sure how long they'll stay my friends because of how stupid and annoying and obnoxious I can be.

There are days when I hate myself for how I am and wish I was normal.

I say stupid things. I write stupid things. I'm stupid. I can't do anything right.

I want to go to college, but what's the point? It's like High School but tougher and I'm not sure I can handle that pressure.

There. The truth. That's me. I'm sorry for everything.
You guys don't how hurt this made me, writing all of my faults, and I'm silently crying as I'm writing this.

This isn't for attention. This is me trying to get people to better understand. I wrote nothing but faults, but I don't think there's anything positive about me. I don't know. You'd have to meet me in real life to judge that for yourself and we all know that's not going to happen.

Perhaps I should just leave DA because I feel like it's only a matter of time before everyone on here starts to hate me and want me gone.

I'm sorry!
Who here wants to be able to change their username? Without spending money to get CORE?

If so, you are not the only one. I want the "change your username" option to be free as well. The reason being that I have grown tired of my current username and it has since lost it's appeal.

I want to be able to change my username, but I don't want to get CORE. I don't have the money for CORE. And besides...WHY THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE TO PAY MONEY JUST TO CHANGE YOUR USERNAME?!
DA can make money through donations and the other CORE features--they don't need to make money by forcing you to buy CORE just for the sake of changing your username.

This has to change! It's not fair! Not everyone can afford CORE. Therefore the username change should be free to all. I recommend the "Three Strikes. You're out" method for the username change. Username change is free for the first free time, but the rest you need CORE. That's a little bit more fair (if you disagree, feel free to do so) and and gives people a chance to figure out what username would work best for them.

Let's change this! Let's make the username change free! "Three Strikes. You're Out!"

Now...who's with me?!
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I have no name
Artist | Student
United States
I love drawing. I'm related to :iconbunnyboo98:.

I'm currently learning how to speak Spanish. English is my primary language. I am Caucasian-American (I believe).

That's all you need to know.

And also this:



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