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A bit bemused and curious:

I wonder if anyone will ever realize that Smoke and Sub-Zero are the same exact height. Don't believe me? Look at human Sub-Zero and Smoke standing side-by-side in MK 9. Take a good look.
Sorry guys. :(
To all those who've read "Rebel of Sorrow" (Formerly known I really have to say it over and over? I'm pretty sure you people know what it used to be called): 

Because my computer is being a bitch, I won't be writing the other chapters for a long while. Hell I won't be writing fanfics period until my computer's sorted out.

I'm so sorry. :(
Boredom by RoseofNoonvale
I need something to get rig of my boredom.
Any suggestions?
Sunday, October 4, 2015 7:41 PM computer did what it did before! Not work. I try to sign in on my side and it tells me "Wrong password. Try the last password you used." Which is the same password that I've been fucking using since I got the damn computer. When I sign in using one of my other passwords it says "preparing windows" and oh-so graciously tells me that since I'm using a temporary side everything I worked on will be deleted. Thank you Microsoft Windows. Thank you very much. I didn't know that.

I fucking hate my computer. It's pure evil!

Fuck this shit! Fuck my life! And fuck--! *Grits teeth* You know what? I'm not gonna finish that sentence.
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I love drawing. I'm related to :iconbunnyboo98:. That's all you need to know.

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Thanks for the watch I am a dummy! 
RoseofNoonvale Featured By Owner 2 days ago
You're welcome! ^^
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Arekkusu's POV

"Let's see if we're here, so we ventured through the landmarks after accomplishing the training courses at the Shirai Ryu temple." I stated studying the political map and realized the structure of the land where we meet with the others as Kael mentioned at the speed of light. I looked at the sky knowing it's going to rain again soon, yet journeying with the others is not such a horrible idea because I brought my raincoat. 

Yesenia narrowed her eyes on the trail of footprints leading the way to the section of the platform, so I nodded my head agreeing with her before traveling through the areas once again to cope with anymore violence especially with specters of the brotherhood of shadow.

"Let me know if that one works out, uncle Arekkusu." Yesenia stated. 

"What do you mean by this one?" I asked panning my head to the section we're mainly in regarding on the fights we have. 

"You get the point of this, so any sign of the bolt?" Yesenia inquired adjusting her brass knuckles. 

"You mean Zack, not yet, but he'll catch up soon." I responded to my distinctive niece.

"Alrighty then, this is the only experience he might have during our mini travel." Yesenia suggested, yet her eyes focused on Zack's card collection of Pokemon and brought her own pack to teach the dupe a lesson about being accused by the evil A.k. in the first place. I knew Calra and Yesenia's connection is really a pedophilia, and it can result an essential sexual assault. Come to think of it, I never thought of being aware of this during the training session back at the Shirai Ryu temple. 

"I have my beliefs though your sister and Kael got along quite well." I responded walking a few inches. 

"Even when you need help." Yesenia stated, and I paused and turned to her slowly. 

"Yese, I never needed help because the wrath of a thousand hearts finds anyone who desperately needed help." I responded to her firmly.

"Alrighty then, if you change your mind about the connection between these two, don't say I didn't warn you." Deborah replied leaving for practice.

Inwardly, I admired her thoughts about the earlier battles we cling into though she seems superstitious with whom she accost to during practice. After having this discussion with my distinctive niece, Jimmy sidled through the hallways searching for me, so I appeared in front of him surprisingly. 

"ok, didn't see you coming out of the training room little buddy." I laughed and cleared my throat.

"Have you seen Yese, I'm here to give her this package from our parents." Jimmy suggested showing me a paper bag with a gift for her inside.

"Yes, right across the hallway, my man." I smiled pointing to the right, and Jimmy ogled at her room door close with its multicolored lights flashing repeatedly and loud music playing. Jimmy approaches into the halls until he accidentally bumped into someone in an applegrape costume, and it was his buddy Rei. "Nice costume you had on, Rei." 

"Thanks, I didn't understand why my sister made me the bait. Is it I'm falling for your sister Deborah?" Rei inquired placing his left hand on his head sassily. 

"She made you the bait, so I'll be delivering this package for my sister." Jimmy responded with his voice rasped, so he left for a moment to approach to her room. 

He knocks on the door concisely but rudely, and the door drops on the floor. Yesenia studied her cards for a slight moment, and she selected one of her best cards with a fire type Pokemon to dominate Zack's thunder type Pokemon. Her arms fold together without a doubt on winning big, so Zack gazed at his cards pacing himself for the card he needed to dominate her card. His eyes peeled at his deck, so he swiped the card to dominate her card. She nodded her head trying to be personal with her winning cards, and she draws in all of her cards to outsmart numb nuts. His eyes ogled in appalling shock after she slammed all of her Pokemon cards to the table dominating his; furthermore, she partied herself up until Jimmy called to her in a sicken tone. 

"Hey Jimmy! You came." Yesenia greeted. 

"Don't 'hey Jimmy' me, sister. Dad says do not throw any wild parties around the temple. Did you listen? No, here's your gift! Sayonara!" Jimmy ranted placing the bag with the gift inside, stomping forward to the door and slammed it. 

"Is it something I said?" Yesenia queried. 

"That boy has been fucked g." Zack nodded negatively, but he's positively up for a second round, "second round is on me." 

Jimmy approached to the training room ticked off, so I never seen Jimmy acted this way I front of the others. I talked with Setsuko about a time when one of my allies became crucially distressed with another individual; in addition, I sat down in my chair drinking plenty of my famous energy drink, the ESP, to keep my mind working again. Jimmy clutched his fists while turning to his opponent, a student with a purple glowing sai in his right hand. Deborah watched from the crowd alongside Kael and Rei hoping her brother overcomes his crucial frustration about Yesenia's lack of maturity. 

"Good afternoon, students." Setsuko responded. 

"Good afternoon, grandmaster Setsuko." The students exclaimed in unison. 

"Firefly, good afternoon. Welcome to day 3 of enhanced combat. As instructor Arekkusu Kurstchi III mentioned to all of you in the past, you each have the ability to maintain your unique statuses in the battlefield. Armageddon seemed as the biggest threat to humanity, but we must end the intrigue between the Earth and Outworld..." Setsuko ordered. 

"Do you think Jimmy is a little aggressive with Yesenia after flashing on the lights?" Deborah whispered in my ear. 

"I'm not sure g, but your brother knows." I answered, shrugging my shoulders cluelessly beyond the hours of training the other students handled. 

"Any questions or concerns so far?" Setsuko asked ensuring everyone in the Shirai Ryu temple is clear with the idea about the training session, "alright let's begin the training session with Jimmy Dodgers."

Jimmy nudged his head and cracked his fists, and Deborah turned to me suggesting to me about the actions he incurred. Somehow, I acceded with her statement as the student with the sai approached to him in ill will. Meanwhile, outside of the training grounds, Rei ditches the applegrape costume and enters into the library skimming through books related to the culture of the Shirai Ryu. Rei picks out a book with the description based on the obedience of the clan itself, so he turned to the first page to read silently to comprehend with the axiom of the history of the Shirai Ryu. 

RoseofNoonvale Featured By Owner 3 days ago
"Hmm....apparently women weren't allowed to become assassins and yet Setsuko is a Shirai Ryu assassin even though she's a woman. The Lin Kuei isn't like that," Rei muttered as he read the book.
Falloutdaylenne Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
The students shushed him. 
RoseofNoonvale Featured By Owner 3 days ago
"I'm doing research!" Rei snapped at them.
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Falloutdaylenne Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
It's from episode 84 
lajvio Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for the :+devwatch:!
:iconcreepglompplz: Thank you for liking my art so much that you wanted to follow me! It means very much to me when other people like the things I make, it makes me feel appreciated and give me the motivation to continue creating pictures, stories and working. And every fav or comment tells me that people do like  what I'm doing, it's a wonderful feedback that tells me that what I'm creating is interesting to others.
Thank you for your support and love :huggle:
RoseofNoonvale Featured By Owner 4 days ago
You're welcome! ^^

Your art style is very unique.
DaintyPeach Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so very much for watching me. 
I appreciate the support and wish you a well day! Heart
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