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Rosabelia Evangeline Harvey by RoseofNoonvale
Rosabelia Evangeline Harvey
This is my OC, Roabelia Evangeline Harvey. This is her new look, her new name, and her new age. How she looked before:…
Info time!

Name: Rosabelia Evangeline Harvey
Nickanme(s): Loony, Belia, Rosa
Age: 8 (original)
        15 (revised)
Family: Cecil Harvey (father)
            Rosa Joanna Farrell (Mother)
            Golbez (Uncle)
            Ceodore Harvey (Twin brother)
            Cecilia Angela Harvey (Cousin)

Base © 
Link to base:…
Rosabelia Evangeline Harvey © me
:iconbunnyboo98: helped me with the clothes.
*Note: I'll probably give her different clothes.*
16th generation: Aoibhin Callaghan by RoseofNoonvale
16th generation: Aoibhin Callaghan
This is the granddaugher of my MK OC Aoibhín Callaghan. Her name? It's also Aoibhín Callaghan. She is a the 16th generation to have been born with heterochromia of the skin and hair. You see it's a tradition for a granddaughter to be named "Aoibhín" if she is born with heterochromia of the skin/hair. So...yeah.
In my RP with :iconnatalia-clark: (whom I affectionately in the friendship way call "Clark"), she is Lycan's buddy. Yeah!

Base © :iconstar4base:
Base link:…
Aoibhín Callaghan XVI © me
Mortal Kombat © NetherRealm Studios
Tuesday, April 21, 2015  7:09 PM

My first piece of advice: Advice: The IntroMonday, May 26, 2014  10:38 AM
Here's a bit of advice for those who play Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2.
Races like Drow, Druegar, Planetouched, and Deep Gnomes are not recommended for beginning players because of something called a level adjustment, but even so they have abilities that make up for it.
If you are going with a race like "Sun Elf" it would be a good idea to have the class their best at if you're going to multiclass. If you're training your character to have a Prestige Class then it might be a good idea to have their recommended class as one of the classes if you're going to multiclass in order to reach your Prestige Class.
I'll have more information at a later time and date.

Sun Elves recommended class is "Wizard." So it would be a good idea to include this class if you think about multiclassing. Especially when thinking about Prestige Classes. I think a Sun Elf would make a good Arcane Archer because: 1) Their recommended class is Wizard. 2) You need to know at least the 1st-level arcane spells. 3) It doesn't matter what class since elves can use bows no matter what, but I prefer to use the Ranger class (but that's just my opinion) because of the bow-combat style (Arcane Archer not Arcane Double-wielding Swordsman). 

Classes that make good Arcane Archers (provided they learn the 1st-level spells necessary) are: 

  1. Fighters
  2. Rangers
  3. Paladins 
  4. Barbarians 
Classes that might become Arcane Archers to add combat capabilities:

  1. Wizards
  2. Sorcerers 
Classes that rarely become Arcane Archers:

  1. Monks
  2. Clerics
  3. Druids
  4. Bards
No one class makes the best Arcane Archer. I believe it is all about balance: Balancing the combat with the magic. I plan on heeding my own advice the next time I multiclass to become an Arcane Archer. 
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I love drawing. I'm related to :iconbunnyboo98:. That's all you need to know.

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