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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
How did his happen?

One moment everything was fine and now...

Now, on the forest floor, he was being violated, being raped, by his best friend. A man he had known almost his entire life and considered a brother.

Tomas Vrbada, known as the Kin Kuei assassin, Smoke, had his best friend, Kuai Liang, pinned beneath him, thrusting inside of him brutally.

Tomas held one of Kuai's wrist with one hand above the ice-user's head while the other hand had a bruising grip on one of those moon pale thighs.

"Stop!" the ice-user cried. A shake of the head was all he got for his trouble.

Smoke kept thrusting, not stopping even when Kuai's blood continued to run down his thighs.

"P-please, Smoke, it hurts!" Kuai sobbed, tears running freely down his cheeks. But the tears did not stop his friend. It only encouraged him further, but it broke his heart all the same.

The rational part of Smoke knew he should stop before he hurt his friend even further, but another part, a more primal part, said that this had to be done. So that Kuai would know who he belonged to.

Smoke tries to justify what he is doing with the fact that he had been the first person to train with the pale man. His reasoning is that he trained with him first so that made the cryomancer his. It was, in essence, a childish reasoning.

"This isn't right!" another sob.

The cryomancer was right. Friends did not do this to one another. It was a betrayal of trust. A betrayal of that friendship. A betrayal to your friend.

But Smoke has loved this man for years and friendship will not satisfy him.

"I'm sorry," he murmured into his friend's neck. "But I HAVE to do this."

"No you don't," Kuai whispered, his body shaking.

Smoke just shook his head and continued to thrust, softly, gently now. He wanted his friend to feel good.

But his friend continued to struggle, refusing to enjoy it (And I don't blame him).

"Please..." he begged quietly. Smoke knew that Kuai was begging him to stop, not to keep going.

"It'll get better. Just stop struggling," he whispered. But Kuai shook his head.

"No no no no...." he sobbed. The tears came harder, faster.

He knew, somehow, that Kuai didn't want to hear him speak as that would only make the situation worse worse and all too real. But he definitely knew that his friend didn't want this, hence the struggling.

All Tomas could do was try to find the spot that would make his friend feel pleasure. So he was thrusting deeply, desperately try to find that spot.

A loud cry assured him that he had and he couldn't help but smile.

And now he thrusted with renewed vigor, making sure to hit that spot every single time. Finally, with a loud scream, Kuai Liang reached his limit. His pearly essence cover his stomach while Tomas spilled his inside of Kuai.

Now the cryomancer sobbed brokenly, feeling dirty and betrayed, while Tomas just gently rubbed his back.

Whispering, Tomas said, "Shh. Shh. It's okay. It's okay."

And strangely, a part of Kuai believed it.
How did it turn out like this?
Title: How did it turn out like this?
Rating: T
Warnings: Rape/Non-con
Pairing: Smoke (Tomas Vrbada)/Kuai Liang (The younger Sub-Zero)
Word Count: I have no Censored clue.
Summary: It wasn't suppose to turn out like this and yet somehow it did. He will regret it later, but right now all he cared about was showing his friend how he actually felt. No matter if it was a betrayal of trust. Of friendship.

And I did it again. What the :censored: is wrong with me? Why do I do this to Sub-Zero? Do I hate him? No! But the last three fics make it seem like I do.
I apologize for this monstrosity.

Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat characters © NeatherRealm Studios.


That is all he could think about. Not about escaping. Not about freedom.  Not about begging his captors to stop violating him. Not about the things that had, once upon a time, made him happy. But all he could think about was the unbearable, seemingly never ending, pain he was in.


He had given up all thought of rescue, of escape, because there was just no point. His friends and allies would never find him in a place like this and he would only be captured again and his torture, the sexual violations and the physical abuse, would begin anew. A tear ran down his cheek.


There was no hope anymore. Any hope that he, Kuai Liang of the Lin Kuei, had was all but gonem crushed by his captors. Hope had no meaning or place here in this cold dark cell.


He had been pure, untouched, before he was abducted. As soon as he got to this place that seemed like an never ending hell, his tormentors saw quickly to defiling him, ruining him. The first to rape had been the man he had called brother. The others followed after. His innocence, that which he had been saving for the man he loved, had been ripped away from him. Kuai knew nobody would want a tainted, ruined man, who was used as a whore.


Kuai Liang was no longer happy. He was sad, constantly depressed. There was no joy for him anymore. Only despair. And death started to seem like a sweet escape form this constant torment.


One day one of his tormentors, a man named Xen, came to his cell with tears running down his cheeks. Xen demanded why he, Kuai, was refusing to reciprocate his love. "I have loved you since we were children," Xen tells him. "So why do you not love me?"
'Because,' Kuai thought,'I love another and what you do to me is not love.' But he does not say this aloud and he does not struggle, does not scream, when Xen proceeds to come into his cell and rape him. All he does is stare blankly at the wall.


Sometimes, Kuai thought he saw the man he loved with his entire being in his cell, smiling at him and telling him it will be okay. But when he reaches for him, his love disappears and he is alone gain and he breaks even further.


One night, the man he had once called brother, a man now known as Noob Saibot, visits him. And he talks to him. Noob talks about how he is one step closer to ruling the Netherrealm, how it easy it would be to snap Kuai's neck, how the younger man is now a whore to be used to his pleasure, how nobody seems to care that the younger Sub-Zero is gone and how his so-called "friends" stopped looking for him, how the man Kuai loves thinks he's a whore. And the younger man snaps after that. He begins to scream to his "brother" that it is all his fault, that he is a whore because of him, that nobody cares because the elder made it so. Noob leaves and he is all alone. He breaks completely. That same night, he cries himself to sleep.


Months later, he is rescued and he makes an attempt to move on with his life. But the memories and the scars are still there and everyone is now wary of him. It is obvious they distrust Kuai because he has spent months in captivity. But what shatters him, what breaks him once more, is the fact that the man he loves no longer wants him. "You are ruined," his love tells him. "You are no longer pure and you have become the enemy's whore. I no longer have any desire to touch you." It breaks Kuai and shatters his will.

That night, he ends his life.
Who will listen when a caged bird suffers?
Title: Who will listen when a caged bird suffers?
Rating: T
Warnings: Implied incest, implied rape/non-con, held against will, torment, unrequited love, rejection, suicide.
Pairing:  Various/Kuai Liang (The younger Sub-Zero)
Word Count: I have no Censored clue.
Summary: He was a caged bird. Taken against his will. Ruined beyond anything. But who will lend an ear when he suffers?

I am a terrible person. I just wrote a fanfic that implies rape and incest and a hell of a lot of other messed up :censored:. Woo Sub-Zero loves is up to you, but who he loves has got to be male. I don't care who it is. It can be Scorpion, Stryker, Cyrax, Smoke, who the-:censored:-ever

Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat characters © NeatherRealm Studios.
She danced around him. The girl with the sun-hair and topaz eyes. Her skin so fair it would burn under the sun's rays. Compared to her younger sister's flawless porcelain and her elder sister light honey. She was a unique and her name meant "lily." Her name was Sayuri.

And she was a unique individual, but not as unique as her younger sister with the lily white reputation whose name meant "white rose." But unique all the same.

Her eyes were emotionless yet sultry at the same time. Her lips, the color of rubies, so full and sinful yet concealed a sharp and biting, talented, tongue. Her face cold, unfeeling yet capable of showing emotion, of passion. Her Legs pale and smooth, but can deliver a powerful kick. Her Hands, softly, gently, calloused, were strong. Her arms, hidden beneath the sleeves of her kimono, even stronger. Her voice flat but pleasant. A truly beautiful specimen she was.

But even so, her beauty was dangerous. Her beauty could, and has, lure a man to his death. Has tricked him into dropping their guard just enough so that she could slit his throat. She was a beautiful, yet deadly assassin. One you cannot underestimate.

And yet she has a gentle side to her. Shown only to her sisters and her grandfather...and to the man she has taken as a lover.

Now, in the courtyard, she was dancing, garbed in a black kimono with white lily designs that barely reached her knees and long sleeves, wearing no sandals, with a rose-hued sash entwined around her bod. She was dancing, and looked like an angel, ethereal even. Her topaz eyes were closed.

A few feet away from her was her lover. A young man with short, blond hair and dark eyes, garbed in a sleeveless black shirt and black pants with red and white shin guards and a pair of sandals. His flak jacket was right next to him. His name was C.

The one thing Sayuri had never meant to do was capture his heart. But unknowingly she had given hers to him.

She was his and he was hers. And that's how it should be.
You are mine and I am yours
Title: You and I
Rating: T
Warnings: Mild Suggestive themes, mild swearing, violence
Pairing: C/OC
Word Count: I have no :censored: clue.
Summary: She was so temptuous. So dangerous that most men would shirk in fear. But he wasn't most men. He found her captivatingly beautiful and her dangerousness only added to her beauty. So what if she wouldn't hesitate to kill him or anybody else for that matter? The only important thing there was is that he is hers and she is his.

Story and OCs © :iconroseofnoonvale:
Naruto and characters belong © Masashi Kishimoto
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
"P-please stop!" a voice cried. It was pleasant to the ear, but most definitely male.

But whoever he had been begging to stop did not comply with his request. And this might've been going on for several hours: Him, begging his tormentor to stop. Hist tormentor, refusing.

Tow men were in a dimly-lit room, on a bed with satin sheets of red and black. However, despite the dimness, you could just barely make out their features and appearance. One man, obviously the elder, was more bulky and larger than his counterpart with skin the color of darkness and irises or white.

The second was younger, smaller, less bulky.He had short but thick tangle strands of black hair, exotically slanted eyes of the brightest blue, a scar that ran down one of his eyes, lovely lips of pale crimson, a face that might have as well have been carved by angels, and skin as pale as the moon. He had muscle, yes, but not too much of it or too little of it. He just the right amount of muscle.

One thing both men had in common? Their bodies were covered in scars. Scar from past battles. The scars were a testament to the trials they had to endure. Proof that they had survive.

They appeared to be engaged in the age-old dance of lust and desire. But it is only an appearance, an act, for you you see the younger man was not a willing participant. However, it is quite clear that the older man simply does not care.

The younger was in terrible, terrible agony. And he had nearly screamed himself hoarse in pain, in pleas to be let go, only hours before.

"S-stop it! Please!" he cried. He was in unbearable pain and his insides, most likely turned to mush, felt torn.

A dark chuckle was heard and then, "I don't think so, Kuai Linag."

Kuai Liang, for that was the younger man'a name, could not stop the sob that escaped his throat. He knew he would have no escape from this agony. An agony that he had hoped to never experience.

His tormentor grinned evilly, obviously enjoying his prey's agony, and his shadowy servant, that which part of the shadows he aligned himself with, held Kuai down as he was impaled further on the elder's enormous organ.

Kuai screamed in agony as his insides split further and his blood, once virginal but now no longer, flowed down his thighs, joining the wet blood already there.

He was, without a doubt, in the most unbearable pain imaginable. He was starting to believe that death would free him from this torture,

"Stop!" he sobbed, brokenly.

"I don't think so. I'm rather enjoying myself," his tormentor purred.

A tear slid down the younger man's cheek. He hadn't wanted this. He DIDN'T want this. He NEVER wanted this. All he had wanted was things to be how they used, when they had never even heard of the term 'Mortal Kombat.' But it appears that his tormentor had other ideas.

"Let me go," Kuai begged. He didn't realize that, but you and I do, he had been broken. Broken from the moment this torment began.

"Now why would I do that?" the older man murmured against his soft neck.

"Because this is WRONG," the younger man cried. The tears flowed freely now, but they only strengthened the elder's resolve to not let the younger go.

After all, did the elder not own Kuai? Were these tears not shed at his expense? Had they not been born of the same woman? Did they not share blood? Had they not been raised together? The answer was, in essence, that Kuai belonged to him and no other.

"It might be wrong, but we share blood and that means I OWN YOU," he growled.

"But brother---" Kuai started to say, but was silenced by a slap to the face. The elder had slapped him so hard that Kuai's head had snapped to the side. The younger held his stinging cheek, shocked.

"WE ARE NOT BROTHERS!" his tormentor yelled, furious.

Kuai did nothing to stop his tears.

"You're right. You're absolutely right..." he began, quietly.

The thrusts came harder, faster.

"...we are not brothers..."

There was growling, close to snarling from the man above him. The shadow servant bared his teeth.

"...because family does not do this..."

The hold on his hips tightened. There will be bruises, no doubt.

"...Noob Saibot," he finished as quietly as he had begun.

Noob stopped and smirked, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"Yes," he growled as he finished inside of the man he had once called 'brother.'
This is wrong
Title: This is Wrong
Rating: Slightly M
Warnings: Incest, implied rape/non-con, held against will
Pairing:  Noob Saibot/Kuai Liang (The younger Sub-Zero)
Word Count: I have no :censored: clue.
Summary: This was wrong and the elder man knew that, but he did not care because the younger man belonged to him. Always has and always will. 

I am out of my goddamn mind. It is official. I just wrote rape and incest in one single fanfic. Somebody shoot me now. Please don't. I've got too much to live for. But seriously my mind is :censored: up. It's got to be if I've taken to writing this sort of :censored:

Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat characters © NeatherRealm Studios.

*Note: I did not know how to tag this so I just put "Nudity and sexual themes." (Even though the fic doesn't say nudity, its implied). Anyone think otherwise?
Saturday, February 7, 2015 7:19 PM

...but I'm not too sure how well it would work out. I mean I got an idea for my first Mortal Kombat fanfic, but I don't know how to get it going or what I'm going to call it. I just realized that I have more Final Fantasy fanfics than any other fandom. And I know I should probably finish those, but I have no idea how to continue them. So, as a little side project, I'm going to write a Mortal Kombat story. I don't want to make it crappy, but I don't see how I'm going to do that. So, yeah. Anyway, I need help with the title. Got a suggestion? Leave in the comment section. Please? Now time to move forward with it.

And on the next journal entry, I'm going to be calling out the group of people I hate the most: Bullshitters. Unless somebody convinces me otherwise. Inheritance
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